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140 employees

>75 Mil. Euro turnover

>140 Mil. sq. m. sales

Customers in >65 countries

For 30 years now, we have been manufacturing self-adhesive laminates on foil surfaces from polypropylene, polyethelene, PVC, polyester and other plastics in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg. You have made the right choice with us when you need self-adhesive materials for printing high-quality decorative labels, printing and laminating media for large-format digital printing, coloured film for advertising lettering and decorations, or indeed media for graphical or industrial screen printing.

We use no solvents in any part of the production process. This makes our production and our products environmentally friendly. Our water-based adhesives cover the whole spectrum, from repositionable, removable, permanent through to super-permanent for various uses.

Intercoat stands for a multiplicity of products with a single idea in common:
made with enthusiasm to the highest quality.

We at Intercoat always aim at meeting the very highest quality standards.

We work closely with our suppliers, who are carefully selected and with whom we have cultivated long partnerships, in order to be sure of constant high quality in all stages of production.

We are glad to develop use-oriented and customised solutions with you, so that you and your customers achieve the best possible results. Our capability to do so lies in our keen, competent employees, who daily seek to ensure that you are satisified. Whatever has to do with self-adhesive films you can leave to us – in line with our slogan:
“Self-adhesive. Quality.”

1982 Founded as manufacturer of screen-printed PVC laminates
1985 Opening of Serpri S.A. as sales office in Spain
1987 Production of reel material and “Typecut” begun
1990 Opening of Itraco as sales office for CIS
1992 Introduction of a second coater for label materials
2000 Opening of Intercoat U.K. as sales office for Great Britain
2004 Management Buy von Intercoat U.K. SISA Ltd.
2005 Name change to AMC Pancke AG, incorporating Print Inform and Global Notes
2010 Investment in new reel cutters and re-winders for labels

The Intercoat Division today:

  • 140 employees
  • 75 Mil. Euro turnover
  • 140 Mil. sq. m. sales
  • Customers in 65 countries
  • Coating lines: 2 machines, siliconizing + adhesive coating + corona + topcoating inline, coating width 1000 to 1524 mm (BK1, PVC) and 1400 mm (BK2, label stock)
  • Slitters: 6 roll slitters, 2 sheet slitters + “satellite” slitters in local markets
  • Stock: average of 3 Mio. sqm of half-finished products on stock
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