Discover with INTERCOAT new  stars and galaxies on a

Voyage through the Universe of LFP

Come aboard our spaceship on stand  A4-M70 in Hall 4 of this year’s FESPA Global Print Expo, 14.-18. May 2019 in Munich.



The adhesive P10 is a water based special adhesive that has been developed for application on lowenergy
(apolar) surfaces such as PP, PET, PTFE, PE, as well as some powder-coated materials and rough
surfaces (OSB boards). The water-based adhesive can be combined with PVC as well as with polyolefin
and polyester films.

P10 offers here a wide range of applications including graphic arts, logistics or industrial
– Plastic containers for wastes and
– Chemical substances
– Trailer structures for verhicles
– Plastic packings and cases for electronic devices
– Automotive plastics and composites bonding
– Interior fitting, stand building, retail, warehousing

1681 H14 P4:

The super-thick 200 μm monomeric, white matt soft-PVC, that gives a secure foot-hold without any additional laminating. The film is rated Anti-slip grade 9, providing a slip-resistance for floorswith
gradients up to 10°. With the choice of 1681 you are always on safegrounds whenever anti-slip safety is a must for floor applications suchas indoor and outdoor exhibitions, festivities, sporting or any other
public events.

1645 H14 R1:

Strong and sturdy 110µm thick 1645 allies with ultra-removable clear R1 adhesive to form the all-in-one solution for easy handling from beginning to end. The material features excellent printability and accelerated ink drying and is fast and easy to apply on all smooth indoor surfaces.

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