Following Intercoat materials received certificates for HP Latex 300 series.

1441 H14 P3 (monomeric soft-PVC 100µ, white matt, ‘Premium’ quality)

1600 H 14 P3 (monomeric soft-PVC, 100µ,white glossy, ‘Premium’ quality)

1610 H14 P3 (monomer soft-PVC, 95µ, whiter glossy, ‘Select’ quality)

1611 H14 P3 (monomeric soft-PVC, 95µ, white matt, ‘Select’ quality)

1630 H14 P3 (monomer Soft-PVC, 80µ, white glossy, ‘Select’ quality)

1631 H14 P3 (monomeric soft-PVC, 80µ, white matt, ‘Select’ quality)

1690 D18 P3 (polymeric soft-PVC, 70µ, white glossy, ‘Premium’ qualitay)

The certificates are available in our download center. Find out more about our products or contact your sales manager for further information and orders.